Monday, December 31, 2007

waking dreams-a dedication to a fine artist and friend who I think of often,

For you, christiane who helped many people believe in the transformational beauty of their own dreams!!!

I miss you everyday and promise to believe in the power of our dreams and the connections we make with others


Waking Dreams

It is the window between sleep and full consciousness.

It is when I realized that there is something sacred and healing in the self and that creativity can release its power...perhaps this power is our deepest connection to God and our souls and all that we, in our busy and conscious lives, are not still enough to hear or feel...
It is for some, a creativity...expressed by music, sculpture, painting, photography, gardening, cooking, writing, theater, or dance.

It is a call to the true self, to a path of growth...that feels full and life-giving like the best of friendships and the greatest of loves.

as promised to myself -new years creative leap!

Alors, it has been almost 2 1/2 years since we,as a family made the leap across the Atlantic to live in fabulous France! It has been full of many ups and downs but all in all, it has been a gift for many reasons- mostly it has allowed me to focus my care and love onto my family, my children and my beloved husband Thierry!

We have endured some huge changes - inwardly and outwardly--transformations of our winemaker's home in the south of France!
the before was a horror as you can see from the 3photos...often wondered why we all love before and after shots -perhaps it is as one other fine blog suggests it is love made visable