Saturday, May 24, 2008

art and the blessed variety of women's form throughout the ages

This great presentation was created by a talented french graphic artist CALI REZO

This work depicts the evolution of the female form using art!

I sure wished I had had this tool in my pediatric and adolescent office when I was working on art and healing projects with teens with body image destortions and eating disorders!
Get this,I used to use long pieces of examining table paper which my patient and I would put on the floor and then we would trace his or her body shape. Most often they had determined it would have been much bigger than it turned out to be in reality. Then they would take the paper tracing home and creat a collage within the space using words,objects or colors which later we would discuss.

It was very rewarding work for both of us-They discovered their unconscious symbols by using them to create a rich,detailed mosaic which portrayed their inner beauty.

They told their story in a visual way full of textures and subliminal meanings and they learned to honor their own stories within their own forms!
It was a wonderful collaborative connection and made me feel grateful to be witnessing a healing they brought about for themselves.

Let's face it the mass media is still pushing stick figures forms,prepubital at that! so when I came across this piece by CALI REZO I thought hooorah someone has taken the time and used her talents to give women a wake up call that no, the beauty of the female form has varied over time and within cultures.

It has been altered by the socio-economics and the art and design of the times!
Here the artist shares that fullness and curvatiousness of a women was initially related to her strength and potentially a sign of fertility!

So lighten up , it may be bathing suit season soon but, let's reframe,after all choose any form and it relates to a work or period of art!

Friday, May 23, 2008

reminiscing- the beauty of visual memories

Sitting in the pink room full of sunshine with the light dancing off the chandelier and the long antique spotted mirror above the rose marble fireplace, I am blessed with snoring, yes,with the snoring- like hum of my two canine friends. Bailey is a Cavelier King Charles,red haired and a tad overweight and Nutella, a yorkie with an attitude like that of a New York City Cop. He stands at attention upon hearing the slightest noise. Right now they are both snuggled on the old iron bed by my feet. Sounds simple enough, not fancy or very exciting but, it does summarize the peaceful, simple pleasures of my lifestyle as a french mother living with my soul mate,thierry and my sweet children.Now how come this interlude is ever so special- because it was a long road here from the fast paced lifestyle of a New England Doctor .And for this passage I am grateful.

This was our old kitchen and I dare sare I miss it sooo much! I will have faith that our new old house will be transformed with more love ,care and €€€€ 's

Thursday, May 22, 2008

who knows who the little girl is in the photo banner?

Here are some hints:
She lived in the late 1800's
She is french.
She believed in doing good in little ways.
She had 2 sisters who chose the same life work.
She has a special relationship with roses.
I am almost sure you know who it is?!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Strikes and fonctionaires

Ok,so I did the lazy,I do not want get out of my car/golf cart sized vehicle to pump my own gazole thing and was running on fumes to take my youngest to school when I began to detect long lines at all Petrol stations!
hoorah for electric cars!!!
Alas, huffing under my breath that Bush and his cronies at Haliburton( spell much?) have struck another deal with the oil mongers to raise the price of oil to 130$ a barrel, I sighed " great another day of feeling ashamed of the USA's policies which inconvenience the rest of the world "
-huh,down another couple more streets, an illegal U-rurn and I am still noting the lines getting longer at each new station! So when I finally stopped it took me only an hour to reach the pump to find out that my lane had no more gazole! eeek!

I cleverly asked a kind and stylish french woman if she would let me back up into her lane to access her pump- et viola, diplomacy and human connections worked ...then after filling my tank, miniscule that it is for a mere 80usd ,I reached into my trunk to offer her a smashing reusable shopping bag with chic lipstick covered smiles in various shades! She was delighted as ,was I- kindness being passed on in the midst of chaos and panic. You never know when an few extra gifts in the trunk will come in handy?

You see in France there are strikes by all transit related businesses, as well as the unhappy fonctionaires and sanctions by the fisherman and mariners because the price of gas has risen so steeply infringing on profits and increasing expenses. True activism at its best even if rather inconvenient. So get this, to make a point the fisherman/mariners have blocked all the ports where the petrol arrives to coerce the government with true French dramatic flame that their rights have been messed with- kind of like the docs in the USA blocking entry of medications at hospitals and pharmacies bec/ the rights of patients and folks who care for them are being threatened....hum, bold moves,yes, effective? yes...the mariners just recieved some 47million euros in gov funds and created enormous awareness with their antics!

so to relax I took a gander at some fun and well worth visiting blogs:they are coming to France too- intelligent and well read ,talented expats to shake up the norm here!
According to b
Funtions of Time

Monday, May 19, 2008

no folks,these spots are not really contagious!

ok ,they are kind of catchy- in that they are cute and colorful and fun for yogurts, petit swiss,fresh fruit or individual quiches or tartes! and the mugs are real coffee sized --reminiscent of a Starbucks grand! These cute little items I found at McDan's with my friend Teresa. This store is an inexpensive deco type store- the closest thing to TJ Maxx-when one needs a little gift in a hurry!If anyone finds them irresistable they are so inexpensive and tiny enough to post!

These are cool for lining shelves or drawers or the French use them for their outdoor tables-I still prefer cloth!

and as I promised some of my new finds for gorgeous blogs related to deco!
An Indian
a special blog with heavenly photos, real eye candy!!

Poppy Fields-
another american expat who has captured the glory of the poppies! super photos!
La Belette Rouge
an extremely well written blog which can move us and inspire us,oh and also soon to be here in France!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

fresh air and good food and blog viewing ,this weeks prescription for myself!!

wowie- I can not believe it is the weekend again and I have been enjoying too many great blogs this week, working on my funny garden and eating lots of cherries, which are ripe now in the region! I have been on passementerie a traveler and francophile,style diary, fun blog! -she and I were certainly on the same ecologic track when we found these shopping trolleys which my kids too ,refer to as my grandma trolley!
trolleys from MacDans for going to the marché
and below the one passementrie featured-

these days in a french life
another expat american living in france who is a down to earth food writer and mother and travel enthusiat with authentic convictions to simple living- in practical ways! also adorable photos of her beautiful little girl!

I believe that sharing is the essence of blogging for me and honoring other like-minded,creative, earth loving bloggers with good taste! I have more shopping bags to share that put a smile on your face at check out-but, that will be tommorrow! as well as more inspiring blogs I have discovered!
have a super weekend,may the sun shine where ever you are and remember to stop by and say hello again soon!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

yes,long weekend in France, recommending rest and moving meditation ---

inspiration can come from sacred yet,abandoned spaces!!!

designers guild colors reminded me of these sublime photos below of Fulvio Romiti

very talented artist who can translate a form of pentimento in such a sublime way --it makes me want to hear the laughter of the students at the abandoned boarding school

it makes me want to dance to their old songs,

it makes me think of the colors of early spring,

it conveys, joys and sorrows

it was created by a

very talented artist and, Italian of course,Fulvio Romiti

photos cna take you to places of the spirit- Romiti

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a waking dream of hope for change OBAMA

I am an Ivy league trained physician.

I am a teacher of medical students and residents.

I am a patient too, who learned 1st hand what it meant to be ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES -- one of THE insured in America, as a cancer patient!

I am a doctor who picketed and bucked the system to advocate for my patients rights and their care!

I was audited! I was sanctioned and eventurally, even I ,as a physician, could NOT keep up with the 20 percent yearly increases in healthcare premiums- so I left the USA---a healthcare refugee!

I emmigrated to France where everyone has the right to receive healthcare!

From here, I have watched the primaries and the unfair war in Iraq ,the dropping dollar value, and the plummeting USA reputation!


">The world needs him and America NEEDS HIM---now!!!

this came to me tonoc from PARIS PARFAIT

please pass on the hope for change and vote for OBAMA!!!!

please note Clinton, Hilary sold out long ago and ruptured the chance to honest healthcare by selling out to the highest bidder, namely the 3rd party payers !!!

Friday, May 2, 2008



ok,it is bathing suit season à la plage! and yes,I agree with All Things Bright and Beautiful,blogger,that we need some retro one piece bathing suits which enhance by suggestion and are not of the string variety! At least for me because I like the comfort of a one piece for swimming and sun protection yet, I do not want to look like I am in a swim meet!

However, here in France the mediterrenean beaches sport all sizes and shapes-of women of all ages who comfortably opt for topless-the french are great about loving their own body images, embracing the way nature changes us over the years! does this not broaden my own warped, media influencedd size 2 for all women or else you have become a close cousin to the beached whale point of view? Alas, there I was in a mini dress,size 8, while the glamorous french women sported olive skin tanned toplessness! I know, get over it!