Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer children and dreamy vintage photography

why do black and white photos make us dream? capture our imaginations the way they do? as a pediatrician I wonder if it how we first viewed the world ,the images seen by infants are in black and whites and grays? hum?

here are some fabulous vintage photos of Frank Horvat from the 50's and 60's- magical and different in that they contain children along side the models! I know my children are finished with school and are beachside and very much with me...

and this one is fun because it reminds me of the feather duster when the children help with chores before beach time!

ps Frank Horvatland
1928 :Né le 28 avril, à Abbazia, Italie (maintenant Opatija, Croatia).
Mon père Karl, était médecin pédiâtre. Ma mère, Adele Edelstein, était médecin et psychoanalyste.

pss I have been studying for my continuing medical credits and as such have not been blogging,but, thanks for stopping by- it is always great to hear from you !

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What was the contagion at the French outdoor village dancing fetes?

Ok,it is Saturday night and this is the second night of our village fete--this is how it works in our region: each village,no matter how small,ie a 1000 inhabitants or so, hosts a full weekend or 5 day feast,partying, meals and a live,talented 12-20 piece bands...and the French are very clever having each village takes a different weekend so there is always a live event-FREE live event---community, connections... joyous, real, palpable...everyone is included ....ok,are you, still with me?

What exactly was it that was so contagious? we were some of us strangers,some were descendents from generations of wine makers...I suppose it makes sense that my family and I would catch it....!!!

I did not expect it to happen so fast though...

Picture this...folks of all ages from babies in strollers to the elderly ,to the handicapped all partying from 6pm to 2-3am....of, course there is a 3 course meal, luscious wine and dancing mania,clapping and tonight they even did a line dance orginating from the middle ages but, with a country western-like tune...oola!!! ... here above are the photos from the this delightful soiree fete !!

By now it is not a surprise really, in a setting of old fashion, non consumerism fun.... with movement, music and laughter we all got it ,yes, an intense infusion of PURE JOY!!! Utterly devine!

For this reason, I am reminded why I am thrilled to live here and have my children catch this bug of authentique living,breathing outdoor fun! Gratitudes abound- definately no need for treatment here! And for those of you coming soon to France in the summer might find yourself at risk of catching this so be on the alert-LOL

Thursday, June 12, 2008

old and dear,life-giving friends are great medecine

you know those special life-giving friends....when you meet someone who transforms your path into an adventure,a kind of surreal,magical,awe inspiring place??
I have heard it said that we are lucky to have a handful of such friends who serve as mirrors into our best selves,who make the ordinary seem and feel truly extraordinary?
Who are those people in your life? When did you last connect via a telephone chat or e-mail or visit?
Today I had such a connection with a dear friend - a professional dancer & pilates teacher- who,telephoned from the states while I was at the beach with my daughter,Miss A. We laughed,caught up and for me I remembered the best parts of myself in hearing this voice from the past honoring the present,like an echo!

We shared a dream with others when slowly a group formed and the dream grew bigger until we were choreographing multi-media performances for hundreds in cities in the pre-9/11 USA and in Europe. It seemed our creativity and convictions inspired things far bigger then each of us alone could have attained! Waking Dreams was the name we felt best described our shared vision of connecting the Arts and Medecine!

Lastly,just to pass on some inspiration ,I will add some gorgeous photos which depict dance in this breath taking,for me healing, fashion- these photos are from Felicity at All things Bright and Beautiful
Photographer: Ralph Mecke