Sunday, February 10, 2013

i am puzzled???

right folks

I  am puzzled ......

I know I look it ....
smoking on my imaginary , unlite cigarette

looking rather blaisée

chic ,just the same

I wonder
why .....

have I always been partial to

old objects?  

since I was alttle girl wandering around our neighborhood --- it had been a question even then ,
when I fould an antique table runner for my Mom

 I remember imaging 
all sorts of  interesting
about the tables and dinners and homes this tapestry- like fabrique 
had witnessed only a little school girl could.....

then one day on a family trip to Venise 
my father and mother 
had us staying at the
Danielli Hotel 

I recall ,at like age 9 or so,
 telling my parents it felt like home

was it
a sense of the familiar?
 an appreciation for 

any whooooo
to this day I will seek out objects 
with a patina 
with age
a story
what about you?
have a nice day

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