Saturday, April 11, 2009

powder pink spring fever!

                                                                       persisting stars
                    photo above from an award winning photography,Maddie  ---words mine

it is pouring here in the south of France,friends!! good for the vignerons,winemakers, who require a wet spring for their grape crops.
a tad frustrating for moi, because I am itching to finish my terrace made of recovered old clay tiles my husband found in an bakery he was redesigning ,the workmen were casting them out the window...alas, the kids were not keen on moving these heavy babies here to our wee bohemian chateau....yet,now they can see these tiles are breathing a new to follow.yes, I know I promised before!!
 So imagine my surprise when the french relatives visited and exclaimed --these are like gold, they are so difficult to find now...and I used them as outdoor tiles....who knew?

Below is a sprinkling of powdery,pinks from a series of fabulous bloggers,

                                             photo via blogger sunnyside up-words mine
photo unknown,do tell me if you know

photos -I am embarrassed to say I can not find my source on these to fanciful dance related images so please let me know it you know??
                                                       Domino related content-- moodboard

                                     I send you all wishes for a beautiful holiday weekend- !!!


  1. Sooo Beautiful!
    Happy Spring time to you.
    Your tiles sound wonderful.

    best wishes Ribbon :-)

  2. You have a fantastic eye. Beauty everywhere.